There's Nothing Better Than a Fresh Cigar

Come visit our walk in humidor & stay at our outdoor seating area in Fairhaven, MA

Any cigar expert knows the importance of storing cigars in a humidity-controlled space. Fairhaven Smoke Shop keeps our selection of over 150 boxes of high-end cigars stored in a humidor to maintain their freshness until you're ready to make your purchase. Visit our cigar lounge in Fairhaven, MA today.

Our humidor is fully stocked with some premier brands such as:

  • Perdomo
  • Cohiba
  • Alec Bradley
Come visit our full-sized climate controlled humidor today!

Choose cigars like a pro

If you're new to cigars, don't worry. You can learn how to choose a high-end cigar like a pro. You'll want to check...

  • The wrapper. A smooth wrapper shows high-quality craftsmanship, so watch out for tears, holes and cracks.
  • The color. A good cigar will have a uniform color, so don't buy one with spots or dark patches.
  • The smell. You've seen it in movies, but it's not just for show. The smell of a cigar will give you a good idea of if you'll enjoy the taste.

You'll impress your friends when you follow this simple method for choosing a cigar. Browse the humidor in our cigar lounge today to make your selection.

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